Researcher of the UAS BFI Vienna (FH) Mag.a Tamara Blum

Russian at universities, e-learning, modern learning strategies

Rektor (FH) Prof. (FH) Mag. Dr. Andreas Breinbauer

Logistics, supply chain management, transport, infrastructure, investment conditions and location research, Chinese New Silk Road Initiative (Belt and Road Initiative)

DIin Judith E. Brücker

Sustainable development, socio-ecological transformation

Prof. (FH) Mag. Dr. Christian Cech
Risk management, financial market regulation

Mag.a Lola Dorado
Spanish for the working environment (FH) Mag.a Sandra Eitler

E-Commerce & City Logistics and Sustainability & Human Resources in Logistics

Mag. Bernhard Ennser
Business models, especially in road freight transport and logistics companies

Prof (FH) Mag. Dr. Kai Erenli LL.M (it-law)
Legal issues of IT law

Mag.a Itziar Grau
Implementation of the innovative blended learning format in Spanish lessons (FH) Mag.a Sivia Helmreich

Risk management in banks, reporting requirements for banks (FH) Mag.a Manuela Hirsch
International accounting

Prof. (FH) Mag. Dr. Johannes Jäger
Critical international political economy, global financial system, financial market regulation

Mag. Dr. Nikolaus Kowall
Free trade, location competition and globalisation

Mag. Dr. Christoper Kronenberg
Regional development and the competitiveness of regions and clusters

Dipl.-Pol. Dr. Hannes Meißner
Informal aspects of rule, political risk, post-Soviet transformation processes, the "resource curse" and governance initiatives

MMag. Stephanie
Financial and performance controlling and their interrelationships with the organisation of corporate strategy

Prof. (FH) MMag. Andreas Nachbagauer
Micro-politics in the organisation, decision-making, systems theory and the combination of organisational theory with strategies in multinational companies

Prof. (FH) Mag. Dr. Gerhard Ortner, zPM
Management of project-orientated companies (POU), project management offices (PMO), project management standards of the ISO 21500 family

Mag. Martin Pachel
Socioeconomics, Critical Political Economy, Sociology of Social Inequality, Heterodox Economics and Gender Studies

Prof. (FH) Priv.-Doz. Mag. Dr. Harun Pacic
Labour and social law, civil law, corporate law, European law, legal theory, philosophy of law and comparative law

Mag. Dr. Dietmar Paier

Learning styles and diversity, methods of skills development, organisational research in higher education, linking learning analytics with evaluation research

Mag. Patrick Peyrat, MAS
Conception and evaluation of teaching/learning processes including e-learning, especially with regard to interculturality

Vizerektorin (FH) (FH) Mag.a (FH) Ina Pircher
Intervention science, group dynamics and organisational observation, university didactics

Ingrid Pleschberger, BA BA MSc
Metacognitive aspects of intercultural competence (assessment & moderation, thought process & behaviour) (FH) Mag.a Iris Schirl-Böck
Dealing with uncertainty and the unexpected in projects and project-oriented organisations on the basis of findings from human factors research

Prof. (FH) Dr. Reinhold Schodl
Logistics trends and innovations, sustainability and human resources in logistics, e-commerce and city logistics

DI Dr. Roland J. Schuster
Intervention research (FH) Mag.a Elisabeth Springler
Macroeconomics, monetary theory and policy, developments in financial market regulation, national and international housing industry

DI Fritz Stallinger
Project, process and quality management in project-oriented companies

Mag. Christian Steinreiber, MA PMP
Project management in the non-profit sector, developments and trends in project management

David Strauß, MA

Last mile logistics, mobile working, agility

Prof. (FH) Dr. habil. Michael Thöndl
Political theory and history of ideas, Italy, totalitarianism, fascism, "conservative revolution", history of universities and education, history of business administration and the European Union (FH) Mag.a (FH) Barbara Waldhauser, BSc (Hons) MA
CSR, sustainable HQ locations, diversity management, human computer interaction and technology readiness

Dr. Mag. (FH) Edgar Weiss
Team and organizational dynamics and decision management

Mag. Johannes Wetzinger
The political systems of Georgia and Moldova (including foreign policy) and European higher education policy

DI Mag. Martin Wirth
Valuation of different investment risks using digital tools such as MATLAB or R (FH) Mag.a Stefanie Wöhl
European integration process, the transformation of statehood and democracy in the EU, European labor market and employment policy, gender mainstreaming, global governance and the global political economy in a comparative perspective

Dr. Karl Wörle

Corporate law, procedural law, European law

Mag. Dr. Bernhard Zeilinger
Transformation of statehood and democracy, economic governance within the framework of the European Economic and Monetary Union, European labor market and social policy, EU internal market and EU foreign trade policy