Juggle work and studies? This is how you can do it!

Well-trained employees and experts are important to every modern enterprise: no matter in which field of business, competent and skilled employees are sought after. As a result, career-parallel studies are getting more and more important. Working students are thus able to obtain further qualifications, gain more knowledge, and earn an academic degree.

How does career-parallel studying work?

There are two ways to combine work and studies: Either career-parallel studies in presence mode (usually in the evening or at weekends) or virtual studies which you can pursue no matter where you are. It is feasible to study career-parallel and work full-time. Although the career-parallel degree programmes are tailored to the needs of working students, the double burden of studies and work should not be underestimated, however.

Why study career-parallel?

Unlike full-time students, career-parallel students can continue to work, and are thus financially independent. Some employers even assume costs and student fees for their employees. It may therefore be well worth inquiring about further education options in your enterprise! Advancing in your job and direct applicability are further advantages. Very often your initiative and stamina not only result in a completed degree but also in being promoted, and in a salary raise. Career-parallel studies thus impact on your personal development, your CV, and your career opportunities in a positive way.

Which programmes can I study career-parallel?

There are various career-parallel offers across nearly all subject areas; especially at universities of applied sciences, the majority of degree programmes have career-parallel tracks. In addition, studying career-parallel without a secondary school-leaving certificate, or in English, also is no problem. At UAS BFI Vienna you can choose from six bachelor degrees and six master programmes.

Bachelor programmes

Master programmes

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We hope to have been able to whet your appetite for career-parallel studies, and are looking forward to welcoming you as students at UAS BFI Vienna!