UAS BFI Vienna Academic Council

The Academic Council is the university’s most senior body regarding matters connected with teaching, research and development, and it is responsible for these activities. The council’s task is to ensure that the university fulfils its academic, social and cultural responsibilities

Members of the College:

Academic Head of the College

Breinbauer, Andreas Rector

Head of the Academic Council, Vice President of the Austrian Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (FHK), Director degree programmes "Logistics and Transport Management" and "Logistics and strategic Management"

Deputy Head of the College

Pircher, Ina

Deputy Head of the Academic Council, Director degree programme "Project Management and Information Technology", Director degree programme "Technical Sales and Distribution Management"

+43 1 720 12 86-250

Degree programme directors (rotating membership)

Kai Erenli, Prof. (FH) Mag. Dr. LL.M,

Silvia Helmreich, (FH) Mag.a

Andreas Hruza, Prof. (FH) Mag.

Gernot Kreiger, Mag. (FH) MBA, zPM,

Robert Monsberger, Ing. Mag.

Iris Schirl-Böck, (FH) Mag.a M.A. zPM,

Marion Roßhap, Mag.a

Elisabeth Springler, (FH)

Representatives: Teaching and research staff full-time

Georg Hauger, a.o. Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Karl Wörle, Dr.

Representatives: Teaching and research staff part-time

Georg Hauger, a.o. Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Gerhard Kainz, Hon.-Prof. (FH) Ing. Mag. (FH)

Wolfgang Kreiter, Hon.-Prof. (FH) Mag.

Axel Zugschwert, Hon.-Prof. (FH) Mag.

Student representatives

Stefan Pelzer BA,

Martha Haslinger,

additionally 2 student representatives "rotating"


Here you can find the statutes of the UAS BFI Vienna

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