Lifelong Learning at the University of Applied Science and in Practice

The UAS BFI Vienna offers you a wide range of academic education opportunities via knowledge transfer and lifelong learning. They foster even more success in your current job and an even more individual career. The comprehensive, innovative UAS curriculum also promotes the Austrian economy and society as a whole. Thus the University of Economics, Management and Finance increases the competitiveness of Austria as a business location and your personal prospects at the same time.

executive education center of the university of applied sciences bfi Vienna
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At the Executive Education Center your studies are ...

  • practice-oriented - with lecturers from industry and academics
  • innovative - through online and face-to-face offers
  • interdisciplinary - thanks to programmes from different fields
  • part-time - with compact study periods or online offers
  • familiar - in small, motivated groups with dedicated lecturers
  • international - connected to a worldwide network
  • affordable - thanks to deductibility and financial support

E-Learning & Face-to-Face, a perfect Mix

Every programme you choose at the Executive Education Center is state-of-the-art in didactics and educational content.

If you are interested in distance learning and e-learning, we certainly offer the just right choices. However, we are still convinced that live face-to-face communication provides very valuable group dynamics.

That's why we encourage you: Visit our Executive Education Center, in the heart of Vienna, and come to know your fellow students and your lecturers in person. This brings us all one-step closer – and further ahead!

Your future is just a click away

Choose a further education that supports you professionally and personally. Choose a method that responds to your life situation and is on the cutting edge. Choose an institution that takes your interests seriously and gives your career even more momentum.

Apply now for one of the Executive Education Centre’s forward-looking programmes

The team of the Executive Education Center looks forward to getting to know you personally!

Barbara Lischka

Head of the Executive Education Center

Tel.: +43 1 720 12 86-47

Alena Kubicek

Coordinator Executive Education Center

Tel.: +43 1 720 12 86-29

Irene Mayr

E- Learning Coordinator and Coordinator Executive Education Center

Tel.: +43 1 720 12 86-948