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There are no more passionate ambassadors for a common Europe than those who have experienced for themselves how enriching it is to get to know other cultures.

We need open-minded citizens who take global challenges seriously and shape our world with their intellect and knowledge.

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Internationalisation is vital to many activities at the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) BFI Vienna, University for Economics, Management & Finance, and is a recurring theme in education, research and administration. We are convinced that cultural diversity is an asset for our university, and that intercultural exchange and international networking are a prerequisite for successful activities on the global stage.

The International Office acts as an information hub for cross-cutting issues of internationalisation and supports international activities by providing advice and support on the internationalisation of curricula, applying for and handling EU-funded projects, student and staff mobility. Located in the heart of Vienna, our university is situated in an intercultural environment, which is reflected in the composition of our students and lecturers as well as in the selection of our partner universities from all over the world.

Die Aufgabenbereiche des International Office sind vielfältig

The areas of responsibility of the International Office are manifold

  • Strategic planning and support in the implementation of all internationalisation activities
  • Advice and support for incoming and outgoing students as well as lecturers and employees
  • Maintenance of our network with over 80 international partnerships
  • Development and implementation of international projects
  • Organisation of International Weeks

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Erasmus+ at the UAS BFI Vienna

The Erasmus+ programme, one of the European Union's most successful measures, celebrated its 30th anniversary. Originally set up in 1987 as a higher education exchange programme to provide students with learning and life experiences abroad, Erasmus+ now offers individuals and organisations a wide range of opportunities to gain international and intercultural experience within and outside Europe. The UAS BFI Vienna has been actively involved in various areas of the Erasmus programme since its foundation. Congratulations to Erasmus+! We are looking forward to many more international guests and exciting.

30 years Erasmus+

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