Research at the UAS BFI Vienna

Research findings generated by UAS BFI Vienna are a driver for innovations, and are also essential for:

  • making an authoritative contribution to academic discourse related to the university’s research focuses,
  • shaping discussions in society and playing a part in developing workable solutions to contemporary challenges, and
  • high-quality teaching based on strong scientific foundations.

Research at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna is:

  • independent and geared towards generating scientific knowledge,
  • practice-led thanks to a focus on application-based research and development commissioned by or carried out in collaboration with businesses and institutions,
  • innovative and gives rise to new insights and approaches,
  • interdisciplinary in addressing research topics as a result of collaboration between degree programmes and subject areas,
  • international, with a focus on relevant international topics and issues, coupled with participation in international research networks.

The various research fields, subject areas, degree programmes and competence centres ensure continuity in research at UAS BFI Vienna, which in turn consolidates the university’s strong roots in the scientific community.

As a university focused on business, our research and development activities concentrate primarily on the following five specific research fields:

Each degree programme
also specifies its own research focuses and targets, which reflect the programme’s skills profile and potential graduate career paths, and support the transfer of knowledge to teaching activities, and to businesses and institutions (see also degree programmes’ R&D strategies).

We are committed to being an active member of the regional, national and international research communities, with a focus on Europe and emerging markets, and to promoting international research activities.

Short Facts Research

Head of the FH Supervisory Council

Rector (FH) Prof. (FH) Mag. Dr. Andreas Breinbauer
Tel: +43 (1) 720 12 86-60


Judith E. Brücker
Research Coordinator, Sustainability Officer
Tel: +43 (1) 720 12 86-957

Ombudsman Service for Good Scientific Practice

As a member of the Agentur für wissenschaftliche Integrität (Austrian Agency for Research Integrity, OeAWI;, we are committed to reporting cases of serious academic misconduct to the agency, and to further enhancing our academic quality controls. Additionally, in 2016 the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna set up the Ombudsman Service for Good Scientific Practice to provide a point of contact for reporting instances of academic misconduct by full-time teaching and research staff as well as students. The Ombudsman Service is part of the university’s R&D quality circle.