FH Research Prize 2023

The UAS of the BFI Vienna awarded the UAS Research Prize for the first time this year to recognise outstanding research achievements by its researchers. The submissions were assessed by a high-calibre external jury according to the criteria "impact on the scientific community, teaching, society and cross-cutting issues".

This year's award winners were nominated:

  • Prof. (FH) Mag. Dr Johannes Jäger
    Title of the submission: "Critical political economy approaches to international sustainable development and green finance"
  • Prof. (FH) MMag. Andreas Nachbagauer
    Titel der Einreichung: "Neue Wege zum Resilienzmanagement in Projekten: Komplexität, Timing und das Unerwartete aus der Perspektive der sozialen Systemtheorie".
  • Prof. (FH) Priv.-Doz. Dr Harun Pacic
    Title of the submission: "Interdisciplinary Legal Studies"

On 10 May 2023, the award winners were honoured with a festive ceremony. The laudatory speeches were held by
ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr Martin Gruber-Risak, who is a member of the jury for the FH Research Award.

Research at the UAS of the BFI Vienna

Research achievements of the UAS of the BFI Vienna are drivers of innovation and also a prerequisite

  • to participate confidently in the scientific discourse in the defined fields of research,
  • to help shape social discourse and contribute to realisable solutions for the challenges of our time,
  • for high-calibre, scientifically sound teaching.

Research at the FH BFI Vienna is

  • independent and committed to gaining scientific knowledge,
  • practice-orientated by focussing on application-related research and development on behalf of or in cooperation with companies and institutions,
  • innovative by developing new knowledge and solutions,
  • interdisciplinary research across degree programmes and departments,
  • internationally by actively working on internationally relevant topics and issues and participating in international research networks.

The continuity of research and thus the anchoring in the scientific community is ensured at the UAS of the BFI Vienna through the research fields, in the departments, the degree programmes and the competence teams.

As a university of applied sciences specialising in economics, research and development at our university of applied sciences is primarily focused on the following five defined fields of research:

In addition, each degree programme defines its own research fields and objectives, which are oriented towards the qualification profile and professional fields of the degree programme and which enable knowledge transfer into teaching and towards companies and institutions (see also: degree programme-specific R&D strategies).

Our UAS sees itself as an active part of the regional, national and international research community, focussing regionally on Europe and emerging markets and promoting international research activities.

Short Facts Research

Head of the FH Supervisory Council

Rector (FH) Prof. (FH) Mag. Dr. Andreas Breinbauer
Tel: +43 (1) 720 12 86-60


Judith E. Brücker
Research Coordinator, Sustainability Officer
Tel: +43 (1) 720 12 86-957

Ombudsman Service for Good Scientific Practice

As a member of the Agentur für wissenschaftliche Integrität (Austrian Agency for Research Integrity, OeAWI; http://www.oeawi.at/), we are committed to reporting cases of serious academic misconduct to the agency, and to further enhancing our academic quality controls. Additionally, in 2016 the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna set up the Ombudsman Service for Good Scientific Practice to provide a point of contact for reporting instances of academic misconduct by full-time teaching and research staff as well as students. The Ombudsman Service is part of the university’s R&D quality circle.