European Economic Policy

The Joint Degree Program European Economic Policy (Master) with HTW Berlin trains you to become a European expert at the interface between business and politics!

The Master Programme European Economic Policy offers you an international, interdisciplinary and applied education, during which you will expand your network!

  • Internationality: You will study in two central capitals for issues of European economic policy, Berlin and Vienna. In the course of your studies, you will get to know the workings of institutions and local authorities in both federal capitals!
  • Interdisciplinarity: The interface between economics and political science characterizes this degree programme. You will learn about economic policy issues from a pluralistic economic perspective and link them to political science perspectives at the heart of European integration.

Applied education: You will study in direct interplay between science and practice. During your studies you will get to know experts from national and international institutions and local authorities, enter into direct discourse and receive academic support from excellent teachers and researchers from economics and political science.

Two universities - one joint programme

You will study in two European capitals - Vienna and Berlin - and get to know national and international institutions. You will study in a Joint Degree Programme (Master), a joint program between HTW Berlin and FH BFI Vienna, and complete your in-depth semester 1 (summer semester: 2nd semester of your 4-semester Master programme) in Vienna and the in-depth semester 2 (winter semester: 3rd semester of your 4-semester Master programme) in Berlin together with your colleagues from the HTW Berlin! You will therefore get to know different perspectives and viewpoints within the European (Monetary) Union.

You will receive a degree (Master of Arts: MA) from both universities through this innovative structure of the programme!

Focus on economics and politics

The focus of the studies is on the interface between two disciplines:

  • Political science with a focus on European integration
  • Economics from a pluralistic perspective

What is the added value of this view?

You will be able to analyze applied questions of economic policy with regard to their relevance for political science. You know the necessary methodological tools to write policy papers and statements concisely and to communicate them to their stakeholders.

Depending on your area of interest, you can specialise in a socio-political or institutional perspective during your studies and apply your selected approach to current issues.

You can find more information in the current brochure of the degree programme (in German)

What career opportunities will this programme open up for me?

You will have the necessary expertise to work for the following kinds of companies and organisations as an expert, policy analyst, policy advisor or consultant:

  • National and EU institutions as well as organisations closely involved in policymaking, such as ministries, government and parliamentary organisations, civil service organisations, associations and social partners.
  • Research institutes and consultancies such as think tanks, foundations and NGOs.
  • Political and business consultancies.
  • International companies with EU interests.

What skills and expertise will I acquire on this programme?

Your studies enable discussion along economic-political and socio-political current topics: Issues of climate change, digitalization, globalization are immanent and call for sustainable answers to growing inequality and demands for a socio-ecological transformation. Their qualifications can be summarized as follows:

  • On the basis of your theoretically acquired competencies, you will be able to analyze the economic policy goals of the European Union and derive sustainable strategies from them.
  • Based on your studies in two capitals of the European Monetary Union, you will be able to differentiate between the interests of stakeholders in the two nation states and, building on the results of the exchange with practitioners from different institutions and local authorities, you will be able to communicate strategies for solving economic policy problems.
  • Your experience between theoretical analysis and the economic policy perspective of practitioners enables them to understand the structure of international networks and to use them in economic policy advice to stakeholders.
  • Due to your pluralistic economic education, you are able to apply a diverse set of scientific tools for the respective problem and to develop the appropriate analytical framework based on it.
  • Your trained critical thinking enables you to act in a goal- and team-oriented manner and to solve possible conflicts even in complex situations and in a conducive mix of political responsibilities.



The programme at a glance


Master of Arts in Business, MA
Joint degree with HTW Berlin

Length of programme

4 semesters | full-time

Place of study: 1st, 2nd and 4th semester

Campus Wohlmutstrasse
Wohlmutstrasse 22
1020 Vienna

Place of study: 3rd semester

HTW Berlin
Treskowallee 8
10318 Berlin

Language of instruction

German with courses taught in English


120 ECTS

Specialisation possible

2nd and 3rd semester

  • Europäische Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft
  • Politik und Interessen in der EU

International semester

3rd semester is completed at HTW Berlin

Semester abroad

In addition to the International Semester, a semester abroad is possible. However, this has first to be discussed and approved by the degree programme director.

Admission procedure

  • Online application
  • Online multiple choice test
  • Video application

Preparation for admission procedure

For preparation materials please see the download section. No external courses are required.

Application period for EU/EEA-citizens

1 October until 15 May

Application period for non-EU/EEA-citizens

1 October until 30 April

Admission requirements

  • Secondary school leaving-certificate (High school Diploma) AND
  • Completion of a economics, political science, social or European studies, degree in Austria or equivalent degree abroad (The legalization list can be found here.)
  • Language level German C1 required, language level English C1 recommended

Proof of at least 25 ECTS in Economics (VWL) and/or Political Science (PoWi), of which at least 10 ECTS in VWL and at least 6 ECTS in PoWi

Bridging courses

Take advantage of the free bridging courses offered by the UAS BFI Vienna (May to July) to acquire missing ECTS and qualify for admission to a master programme.

Level of qualification according to the National Qualification Framework and the European Qualifications Framework


Field(s) of study (e.g. ISCED-F)


Access to further studies

Graduates of UAS master programmes are entitled to enroll in relevant doctoral programmes (pursuant to § 6 para. 4 FHG, as amended) or university courses.

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