Logistics and Transport Management

Building on the theoretical and practical knowledge conveyed in their undergraduate studies, students get the chance in the master degree programme “Logistics and Transport Management” to gain in-depth knowledge and skills that will qualify them for leadership positions in industry, trade and logistics services companies. Through teaching which combines practice with sound theoretical knowledge, graduates of the programme will be familiar with all relevant areas and problems of the economy. This will arm and empower them with the specialised knowledge for management positions in the logistics sector in particular.

Focus areas

Consumers and companies take it for granted that the right product will be available at the right time and location, and at the price and quality they expect. This is possible thanks to increasingly digitalised and international transport, warehousing and transshipment processes, which are planned and implemented by logistics professionals.


  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Transport and traffic
  • Economic and business aspects
  • Legal aspects
  • Management and entrepreneurship
  • Leadership and sustainability
  • Scientific and practice-oriented methods
  • English for business and logistics

Our graduates are able to

Our graduates are able to make well-founded business decisions in the specialist areas of logistics, traffic, transport and supply chain management in order to achieve economic, social and ecological goals in the best possible way. The focus is on the employment of people and technologies for high-performance processes in companies and supply chains.

No more applications possible!

The new master's programme in logistics and strategic management will start in the winter semester of 2022.

The programme at a glance


Master of Arts in Business, MA

Admission procedure

Written application, online multiple choice test, interview. We recommend you use our handouts for preparation.

It is not necessary to take any external courses.

Application period for EU/EEA citizens and applicants

1 October until 31 May

Application period for non-EU/EEA citizens and applicants

1 October until 30 April

Language of instruction


Programme duration I Contact hours

Three semesters I Three weekday evenings and Saturdays (daytime)

Admission requirements

  • Secondary school leaving-certificate (High school Diploma) AND
  • Completion of a social studies/business/natural science/ law/ technical degree in Austria or equivalent degree abroad (The legalization list can be found here under downloads)

Evidence of prior learning in

  • Logistics, transport and transit (4 ECTS),
  • Business administration (10 ECTS),
  • Legal studies (4 ECTS),
  • English (4 ECTS – does not apply to native speakers of English).

Our bridging courses enable you to acquire necessary ECTS.
> Link to bridging courses


Information about the programme

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Rector Andreas Breinbauer answers questions about the master programme (in german)

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Future job with a long-term view: The master programme Logistics and Transport Management introduces itself (in german)

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Anja Steiner from Rail Cargo Group recommends to study at our university

Rail Cargo Group is a cooperation partner of the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna for several years due to its logistics focus.

Anja Steiner, HR Development recommends to study at our university due to her positive experience and the excellent cooperation with our students.

Railcargo Group

We thank our sponsors

Career options

Graduates can pursue a wide range of careers at companies providing logistics, transport and traffic services.

They can also work for industrial companies and retailers in procurement, production, distribution and waste-management logistics. Management consulting and public administration are further options and many of our graduates have launched successful start-ups, or become freelancers.

If you don’t have the necessary ECTS credits to be accepted on to the master programme, you can make up the credits you need by taking one of our bridging courses.

Interview with Rector Andreas Breinbauer (in german)

ECTS and course information

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