Banking and Finance

Risk management, banking and corporate finance are among the core businesses of the banking and finance industry. The focus of the bachelor degree programme “Banking and Finance” is to grasp, both practically and theoretically, the complex relationships in the sector and the derivations thereof.

The programme further entails extensive knowledge of the insurance industry. This combination could be the foundation stone of a career set in the banking and finance sector.

Graduates of this programme can

  • identify and analyse the various operations of banks and insurance companies
  • apply concepts and methods in consumer banking, risk management, mathematics and corporate finance
  • distinguish between and evaluate insurance products
  • put insurance controlling methods into practice

Career options

  • Customer relationship manager
  • Asset manager
  • Account manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Portfolio manager
  • Auditor or tax consultant

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Frequently asked questions

The programme at a glance


Bachelor of Arts in Business, BA

Admission procedure

  • Online admission test (multiple choice) (reading comprehension, English, mathematics/logic, business administration and degree-programme-specific section)

Preparation materials can be found on the website of the respective degree programme in the download area.

Semester abroad

Possible in semester 3


Semester 6

Application period for EU/EEA citizens and applicants

1 October until 15 May

Application period for non-EU/EEA citizens and applicants

1 October until 30 April

Tuition fee

€ 363.36 / semester (+ € 20.70 student union fee)

Language of instruction


Admission requirements

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Information about the programme

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Knowledge | Future | Career: Bachelor degree programme Banking and Finance

Gernot Kreiger introduces his degree programme and answers the following questions:

  1. What makes your programme special?
  2. Which possibilities do I have after finishing the programme?
  3. What are the admission requirements?
  4. How can I prepare myself for the admission procedure?

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