Higher Education Teaching and Management research focus

Teaching and learning research

This research field addresses issues related to the development of universities, with an emphasis on higher education teaching and teaching development, and higher education management.

With regard to teaching at higher education institutions, the research focusses on both teaching and learning, in particular new approaches such as learning analytics and educational data mining, which have gained added significance due to their importance for the digitalisation of teaching. Research on higher education management examines the importance of trends in national, European and international higher education policy trends for higher education management, as well as universities’ role as key players in regional and national innovation systems.

This research is intended to generate important inputs for the development of the higher education sector as a whole, and for UAS BFI Vienna in particular, and to highlight innovative, forward-looking and above all practicable approaches with a view to ensuring the requisite practical relevance of application-based research.



Judith E. Brücker
Research Coordinator, Sustainability Officer
Tel: +43 1 720 12 86-957