New Work, New Business research focus

Labour and the latest trends

The emphasis in the New Work, New Business research field is on applied transdisciplinary analysis of the effects of technological transformation and digitalisation. This transformation has an impact on private households’ social and financial circumstances, and also poses challenges for businesses and the public sector.

In addition to the resulting effects on companies and their organisational structures, the treatment of workers is a key factor – this also influences households as a result of changes in the labour market and the nature of labour as a factor of production. Interdependence with the demands placed on social systems, and the public sector’s role in connection with the challenges faced by companies and private households – resulting from the significance of globalised financial markets and international capital flows – are also important, and must be considered in an international context.

As far as the labour market is concerned, New Work, New Business examines the latest trends, such as the erosion of standard employment norms, the rise of atypical forms of employment and the transformation of professions. These transformation processes have an impact on both organisations and individuals. Company-related research topics include flexible working time models, flexible work location and new organisational forms, as well as generational management and the life-domain balance, to name just a few. At the micro or individual level, analysis centres on aspects such as the blurring of job boundaries, the intensification and personalisation of work, the separation of work and leisure, and health-related impairments in the context of new working environments. Although HR, IT and change management provide the focal points, research covers a cross-section of topics, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches.



Judith E. Brücker
Research Coordinator, Sustainability Officer
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