Logistics Master: Strategic management for sustainable success

Consumers and companies take it for granted that the right product will be available at the right location and time, and that quality and price will be right as well. Behind the scenes, complex processes are planned, operated and monitored by logistics managers. Current and future success in logistics depend on making strategic decisions to optimally exploit the opportunities of digital transformation. This practically oriented degree programme in the fields of logistics, supply chain management, transport and traffic prepares you for this exciting task. At its core, this business science education focuses on the interplay between human, technology and organisation to improve local and global logistics and supply chain processes.

Focal points:

  • logistics management
  • strategic management
  • digital transformation
  • sustainable value chains

As a graduate you will be able to:

  • develop, plan, manage and monitor processes in procurement, production, distribution and waste management logistics
  • conceptualize, plan, manage and monitor the flow of goods, information and money along the entire supply chain
  • develop, plan, manage and monitor processes and services in transport and traffic
  • analyse logistics processes and services regarding their digital transformation potential and refine them innovatively
  • extrapolate requirements for sustainably optimising or newly designing value chains, and further develop existing as well as new business models
  • recognise current trends in business and society, assess their challenges and potential for the logistics sector, and leverage them to make evidence-based strategic decisions
  • create sustainability-oriented innovation strategies, and plan, initiate and manage the related change processes needed

Typical career fields open to you after graduation:

  • logistics services providers
  • transport companies
  • companies in the fields of industry, trade and commerce in need of logistics and SCM expertise
  • companies in the field of digital logistics platforms and e-commerce
  • consulting and software companies with focus on logistics, SCM, transport and traffic
  • public institutions as well as NPOs in the fields of logistics, SCM, transport and traffic
  • pertinent research and education institutions
  • pertinent self-employment

You can find more information in the current brochure of the degree programme (German)

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Video Master Logistics and Strategic Management (only available in German)

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The programme at a glance


Master of Arts in Business, MA

Length of programme

3 semesters

Mode of study

Career parallel | Three weekday evenings and Saturdays (daytime)

Place of study

Campus Wohlmutstrasse
Wohlmutstrasse 22
1020 Vienna

Language of instruction




Tuition fee

€ 363.36 per semester (+ student´s union fee)

Semester abroad

Students have various possibilities to go abroad and spend time at one of our partner universities. The degree programme recommends completing a semester abroad in the 2nd semester.

Admission procedure

  • written application
  • online test with single-choice questions on logistics (preparatory script in download area) as well as logic and general knowledge
  • interview

Preparation for admission procedure

For preparation, we recommend our preparatory script. You can also find more information in our "Bachelor Application and Admission Guide" under the info materials. No external courses are required.

Application period for EU/EEA citizens and applicants

1 October until 2 June

Application period for non-EU/EEA citizens and applicants

1 October until 30 April

Admission requirements

  • secondary school-leaving certificate or equivalent
  • completion of a pertinent degree programme (at least bachelor level) in Austria or abroad, proof of pertinence by a total of 20 ECTS points in the areas of “logistics” and/or “business and management”
  • For this degree programme, you need German language skills at CEFR level C1 and English language skills at level B2.

Up to a maximum of 10 ECTS points, proof of pertinence may optionally be provided by pertinent professional training with certification requirement or pertinent occupation (minimum three years with close connection to logistics or strategic management and corresponding budget and human resources responsibility as well as reporting duties).

Bridging courses

Take advantage of the free bridging courses offered by the UAS BFI Vienna (May to July) to acquire missing ECTS and qualify for admission to a master programme.

Level of qualification according to the National Qualification Framework and the European Qualifications Framework


Field(s) of study (e.g. ISCED-F)

Management and administration

Access to further studies

Graduates of UAS master programmes are entitled to enroll in relevant doctoral programmes (pursuant to § 6 para. 4 FHG, as amended) or university courses.

<p>Portrait Waltraud Bieringer</p>

Waltraud Bieringer

Mail: waltraud.bieringer@fh-vie.ac.at

Tel.: +43 1 720 12 86-261

Coordination of the study programme

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