FAQs Bridging Courses

How do I register for a bridging course?

First, you must have registered for the study programme of your choice. The ECTS examiner will check your admission requirements. If you are missing ECTS points, he/she will recommend that you attend an appropriate bridging course and will send you the registration link. Please register in a timely manner as we have attendance restrictions.

When do the bridging courses take place?
The ECTS master access courses take place from May to July. Course times are in the late afternoon or on weekends.

Warm-up courses are offered Aug-Nov, depending on the programme. Dates will be communicated to freshmen in a timely manner.

How much do the bridging courses cost?
Participation is free of charge for applicants of the UAS of BFI Vienna. For the project management course there is a fee of 50 EUR.

Can I participate in a bridging course if I have not applied to the FH BFI Vienna?


May I attend more than one bridging course?

Yes, but attending more than 3 courses (approx. 12 ECTS) is not recommended, as it would not be manageable in terms of time.

Do I get a course confirmation?

Upon positive completion of an ECTS Master's access course, you will receive a confirmation of participation.