Food4CE: Strengthening Innovation Capacities Among Central European Alternative Food Networks

Interreg CE

Food4CE Consortium will Support the Development of Sustainable Food Supply Chains in Central Europe

​We are pleased to announce the successful start of the Food4CE project, a three-year initiative, funded by the Interreg Central Europe Programme. The project brings together nine international partners, including research institutions, businesses, and policy makers, who will aim to support the development of sustainable food supply chains in Central Europe.

​The project focuses on improving the efficiency of logistics in alternative food networks (AFNs). AFNs can offer numerous benefits, such as fresher food, shorter supply chains, and more support for local farmers. However, AFNs can also be more challenging to operate than traditional food supply chains due to the need to coordinate logistics across multiple actors. To overcome these challenges, the Food4CE project will develop innovative tools and resources to help AFNs improve their logistics efficiency.

​Additionally, the project will also create policy guidelines to support AFNs, providing policymakers the information and tools needed for creation of an environment that is conducive to the development of AFNs.

​The Food4CE project is expected to have a significant impact on the development of sustainable food supply chains in Central Europe. By developing policy guidelines for supporting AFNs and improving the efficiency of logistics in AFNs, the project will promote closer ties between local producers and consumers to access fresh, local food.

​ ​For more information about the Food4CE project please visit the project website:

Project partners:

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University of Maribor – Maribor, Slovenia

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Regional Development Agency for Podravje – Maribor, Slovenia

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Institute for Transport and Logistics Foundation – Bologna, Italy

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Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences – Budapest, Hungary

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Łukasiewicz Research Network – Poznań Institute of Technology – Posen, Poland

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Poznań University of Life Sciences – Posen, Poland

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ECONSULT – Vienna, Austria

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Fachhochschule des BFI Wien – Vienna, Austria

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European Network of Logistics Competence Centres, Belgium


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