Exchange semester

A semester abroad is an extraordinary experience that you will remember for a long time! Not only professionally and linguistically, but especially personally, you will experience a development during your semester abroad.

Application deadlines

  • Application deadline for semester abroad in the winter semester: 15 March
  • Application deadline for semester abroad in the summer semester: 15 September

A semester abroad offers you the unique opportunity to gather international experience, to improve your language skills, and to get to know other cultures and people. There are different ways to “go on exchange”:

  1. Erasmus+ semester: Under the Erasmus+ programme you can study at one of our European Erasmus+ partner universities[PI1] . You are exempt from tuition fees at your host university and are eligible for the Erasmus+ grant (see Link financial support.
  2. International semester: UAS BFI Vienna has bilateral agreements with various European and Non-European universities allowing you to do an exchange semester at these partner universities without you paying tuition fees or fees at a reduced rate. Special funding or financial support for some universities might be available.
  3. Free mover semester abroad: You choose a suitable university and apply independently. Often you will have to pay tuition fees (e.g. USA, Australia, UK, Asia). You have to obtain all information on your own (e.g. tuition fees, visa requirements, etc.).

The semesters suggested by your degree programme directors for your exchange semester are

Bachelor degree programmes:

  • Banking & Finance: 3rd semester
  • European Economy & Business Management: 4th semester
  • Film-, TV-, & Media Production: 4th semester
  • Interactive Media & Games Business: 4th semester
  • Logistics & Transport Management: 5th semester
  • Project Management & IT: 5th semester
  • Technical Sales & Distribution Management: 4th semester
  • Work Design & HR Management: 3rd semester

Master degree programmes:

  • European Economy & Business Management: 3rd semester
  • International Banking & Finance: 3rd semester
  • Logistics & Transport Management: 2nd semester
  • Project Management & Organisation: 3rd semester
  • Quantitative Asset & Risk Management: 3rd or 4th semester
  • Digital HR Management and Applied Labour Law: 2nd semester

Preconditions for a semester abroad

  1. approval of programme director
  2. complete and timely online application
  3. additional preconditions for participation in the Erasmus+ programme

Financial support

To support mobile students financially UAS BFI Vienna waives tuition fees during your semester abroad!

Erasmus+ students receive an Erasmus+ grant. The amount of the grant depends on the living costs in the host country. In addition, Erasmus+ students are encouraged to use sustainable means of transportation and can apply for the top-up Green Mobility support (currently 50.- EUR), if they travel to and from their host universities by train, bus or other sustainable means of transportation. Since inclusion and diversity are key priorities of the EU, Erasmus+ also provides additional funding for students with children and students with physical, mental or health-related conditions.

Study grant recipients (Studienbeihilfeempfänger:innen) can submit a study abroad grant request (Antrag auf Auslandsbeihilfe). The study abroad grant is not tied to Erasmus+ and can generally be requested for any study abroad.

Students who work while studying might apply for an educational leave (Bildungskarenz).

Further information on financial support can be found on

If you have further questions about your semester abroad options, please contact the Outgoing Students Mobility Coordinator: Claus Inanger, Tel.: +43/1/720 12 86 – 22,


Inanger, Claus

Erasmus+ Coordinator, Outgoing Student Mobility Coordinator, Agreements Coordinator, ECTS Coordinator

+43 1 720 12 86-22

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