Exchange semester

A semester abroad is an extraordinary experience that you will remember for a long time! Not only professionally and linguistically, but especially personally, you will experience a development during your semester abroad.

Application deadlines

  • Application deadline for semester abroad in the winter semester: 15 March
  • Application deadline for semester abroad in the summer semester: 15 September

A semester abroad offers you the unique opportunity to gather international experience, to improve your language skills, and to get to know other cultures and people.

There are different ways to “go on exchange”:

  1. Erasmus+ semester: Under the Erasmus+ programme you can study at one of our European Erasmus+ partner universities. You are exempt from tuition fees at your host university and are eligible for the Erasmus+ grant
  2. International semester: UAS BFI Vienna has bilateral agreements with various European and Non-European universities allowing you to do an exchange semester at these partner universities without you paying tuition fees or fees at a reduced rate. Under the Erasmus+ programme, special funding or financial support may be available for some universities.
  3. Free mover semester abroad: You choose a suitable university and apply independently. Often you will have to pay tuition fees (e.g. USA, Australia, UK, Asia). You have to obtain all information on your own (e.g. tuition fees, visa requirements, etc.).

Three stages of exchange semesters:

I. Application and Preparation

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II. Stay abroad

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III. Re-entry phase

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When is the best time for a semester abroad?

Bachelor programmes

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Master programmes

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Preconditions for a semester abroad

  1. approval of programme director
  2. complete and timely online application
  3. additional preconditions for participation in the Erasmus+ programme

Financial support semester abroad

Financial support is a crucial aspect of international mobility. There are various possibilities to support your semester abroad including special Erasmus+ grants for students with children and students with disabilities or chronic diseases.


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Erasmus+ Coordinator, Outgoing Student Mobility Coordinator, Agreements Coordinator, ECTS Coordinator

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