Re-entry phase

Welcome back!

Coming back home and adjusting again while your peers have had different experiences can pose its own challenges. To wrap up your semester abroad organisationally you should contact the Outgoing Mobility Coordinator. Some tasks need to be completed after your return.

Application for recognition of courses via Mobility Online

  • This needs to be done via Mobility Online and includes the submission of the transcript of records from your host university. After the application is completed our Outgoing Mobility Coordinator will help you with the recognition process.

Semester abroad report

  • Your experience is crucial for future students to inform themselves about semester abroad possibilities. Therefore, a mandatory part of your re-entry is to submit a report that will be made available to future outgoing students. Including pictures and detailed information is highly appreciated.

CREACT Reflection

  • Part of the CREACT module is a re-entry workshop that will inspire you to reflect on your experiences and deepen your understanding of the intercultural skills that you have acquired through your semester abroad.

Erasmus+ grant

  • If applicable, you will receive the second part of your Erasmus+ grant (the final amount depends on the actual length of your stay) after having finished your semester abroad and submitting the confirmation of attendance. We will check, if you have submitted your semester abroad report and the application for recognition before processing the transfer.


Inanger, Claus Mag.

Erasmus+ Coordinator, Outgoing Students Mobility Coordinator, Agreements Coordinator, ECTS Coordinator

+43 1 720 12 86-222