Financial support

To support mobile students financially UAS BFI Vienna waives tuition fees during your semester abroad!

Erasmus+ students receive an Erasmus+ grant. The amount of the grant depends on the living costs in the host country. In addition, Erasmus+ students are encouraged to use sustainable means of transportation and can apply for the top-up Green Mobility support (currently 50.- EUR), if they travel to and from their host universities by train, bus or other sustainable means of transportation. Since inclusion and diversity are key priorities of the EU, Erasmus+ also provides additional funding for students with children and students with physical, mental or health-related conditions.

Study grant recipients (Studienbeihilfeempfänger:innen) can submit a study abroad grant request (Antrag auf Auslandsbeihilfe). The study abroad grant is not tied to Erasmus+ and can generally be requested for any study abroad.

Students who work while studying might apply for an educational leave (Bildungskarenz).

Further information on financial support can be found on