Training Mobility

As a staff member at the UAS BFI Vienna, you can complete a training mobility at one of our partner universities or a training institution in the Erasmus+ programme. We will be happy to support you in applying for and following up your stay abroad.

The mobility of university staff guarantees continuing education at an international level and the exchange of knowledge and best practice in the areas of teaching, research and university organisation.

benefits icon
  • Expansion of own expertise
  • International experience
  • Further improving foreign language skills
  • Acquisition of intercultural competency
  • Extension of personal and professional networks


Target audience

Staff of the UAS BFI Vienna

Before your mobility

Send your application to

  • Purpose: Training mobility or job shadowing
  • Period of stay (from-to)
  • Host institution
  • Confirmation of your manager


Fill in the required documents and send them to at least 4 weeks before your stay.

International Office Briefing

1 - 2 weeks before the stay to clarify questions such as:

  • Are all requirements met?
  • Are there any specific questions for the partner institution that can be discussed on site?
  • Is there any information about the FH that can be passed on?

After you’ve returned

  • Filling out an online report. The link will be sent to you directly from the European Commission.