Covid Information 2020/21

In view of the exceptional situation this year, the IW Master Netzwerk has thought about holding this IW probably in June 2021 in Siena. The final decision will be taken by the University of Siena in March 2021, depending on the health situation at that time.

If, however, a prediction for June proves impossible due to the situation next March, the next International Master Week will only take place in February 2022.

Annual International Master Week

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  • Short stay abroad during the academic year
  • International experience
  • Workload transfer
  • Enhancing foreign language proficiency
  • Acquiring intercultural skills

Educating for Global Competence

In addition to a conventional semester abroad, students have the chance to collaborate with students from various countries and gain international experience in these international weeks. Multinational working groups examine a particular question and then present their findings.

  • Working language: English
  • Programme of social events available
  • Absence due to participation in an IW is excused if this would result in overall attendance in a particular course falling below 70%.
  • A completed International Week is recognised for courses specified in advance.
  • The partner institutions set the fees for participation (EUR 200-300).
  • Students have to organise travel to and from the event themselves.


Target group

UAS BFI master programme students

How to apply

The process comprises several steps:

1. Application via our Mobility Online applications platform.
2. Transfer of a deposit to the university’s bank account (the deposit will be refunded if your application is rejected, but not if you withdraw your application)
3. Selection and approval of applicants by the respective degree programme director
4. Payment of the fee (less the deposit) into the university’s bank account

Travel and accommodation

  • Participants must organise travel to and from the event themselves.
  • Travel costs are not included in the fee.
  • The host institution usually organises dormitory accommodation at youth hostels.


  • Managing International Projects
  • Emerging Markets and Sustainability

Return and recognition

After completing all of the compulsory elements of the Master Week (preparation, attendance and follow-up), you will receive confirmation of attendance from the host institution. You must then submit an application for recognition of the IW to your degree programme director.

Detailed information is provided every autumn.


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Claudia Redtenbacher

International Coordinator | Staff Mobility | International Weeks

Tel.: +43/1/720 12 86 - 80