FAQ Studying without Secondary School leaving Certificate

What are the prerequisites for admission to studies without a secondary school leaving certificate?

  • In order to start your Bachelor's degree programme at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna, it is necessary to provide evidence of a relevant professional qualification in the form of one of the following certificates: Completion of a vocational secondary school of at least three years' duration (e.g. commercial school), completion of an apprenticeship of at least three years' duration that is oriented towards the job description of the desired degree programme, German entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences with the educational direction "Business" or Swiss vocational baccalaureate of the commercial direction.

How do I best prepare for the supplementary exams?

  • There are no regulations on how to prepare for the supplementary examinations, i.e. you do not have to attend any compulsory courses. Our cooperation partner WBI fit4fh/ konsequent lernen offers preparation courses for maths, English and German that meet the requirements of the additional exams at the FH BFI Vienna. Of course, you can also prepare in any other way you choose.

What is the procedure for the supplementary exams?

  • The additional examinations will take place online in the summer semester 2024 and have both written and oral elements. You will find out the result of your exam from the respective subject immediately after your exam.
  • If you complete a preparation course via the WBI fit4fh/konsequent lernen, you take the exam directly there and send us the corresponding certificate.

How many exam dates are offered?

  • The BFI Vienna University of Applied Sciences offers annual examination dates in June, when the additional examinations can be taken free of charge. A missed exam can be taken the following year (in which case you will not have the opportunity to start studying in the meantime) and a failed exam can be retaken in August.
  • Please enquire about the examination dates at WBI fit4fh/konsequent lernen directly there.

Which supplementary exams must be taken?

  • In principle, supplementary exams in mathematics and English must be taken. Applicants for the bachelor programme Logistics and Transport Management must also take a supplementary exam in German.

What is tested in the supplementary exams?

  • The requirements for the university entrance qualification exam apply:
  • German: essay on a general topic
  • Mathematics: 11th/12th grade level
  • English: Level B2 (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR) for German-language degree programmes, level C1 for English-language degree programmes
  • No further restriction of the exam subject matter can be made.

Do supplementary exams incur costs?

  • The exams are free of charge. There are only fees for (non-mandatory) courses which prepare for supplementary exams.