FAQ Semester abroad and traineeship

Can I spend a semester abroad during my studies?

  • As an internationally oriented university of applied sciences, the UAS BFI Vienna welcomes its students’ aspirations to a semester abroad with the following options:
  • Europe: Under the Erasmus+ programme, you can study at one of our partner universities. You pay no tuition fees and receive a monthly grant.
  • Worldwide: Thanks to bilateral agreements with further European and non-European partner universities you either pay no or reduced tuition fees there. As a free mover, you choose a university and apply independently. In most cases, tuition fees are payable.

What is a double degree? Is it offered in every degree programme?

  • As a student of UAS BFI Vienna you can participate in a double degree programme and increase your international career opportunities. Visit our website for the currently offered double degree programmes. In a double degree programme you complete part of your studies at a selected partner university and earn two diplomas with a small increase in study time: the national degree diploma of the UAS BFI Vienna and the diploma of the partner university. Recognition of ECTS points earned abroad is contractually regulated and guaranteed.

I do not have the opportunity to go abroad for a whole semester. Can I still study abroad?

  • At UAS BFI Vienna we consider it especially vital to provide international experiences for all our students. For this reason, we offer short time mobility options. Away from the traditional one semester abroad, our students have the possibility to interact with students from other European countries and gain international experience within International Week programmes.

Can I do my traineeship* abroad?

  • As a student at the UAS BFI Vienna you can complete your compulsory traineeship abroad. Within Europe funding is possible under the Erasmus+ programme.

*Compulsory traineeships are only required in bachelor degree programmes.