Information on the Library's COVID-19 measures

Updated July 2nd, 2021.

Summer Break

From July 2 to August 29, 2021 the library will be closed.

Information about opening hours and entry requirements from August 30 will be provided as soon as possible.

  • An FFP2 mask must be worn when visiting the library!
  • The reading room is closed outside service hours! Remaining in the reading room is not permitted, except while using the book scanner.
  • Patrons may use the book scanner without prior notice as long as they adhere to the hygiene measures.
  • Patrons may help themselves to books in the mobile shelves. Please take care to keep your distance to others.
  • Patrons can return books without prior notice in the return box in the reading room during service hours.
  • The return box will be emptied on the following day („book quarantine“).

Hygiene Measures

  • Wear a mouth-and-nose covering (FFP2).
  • Disinfect your hands upon entering the library.
  • Keep your distance to others.
  • Disinfect the book scanner before and after use with the disinfectant provided.
  • Keep your stay in the library as short as possible.