ALMA Live at UAS BFI Vienna Library

As part of a project managed by OBVSG (The Austrian Library Network and Service LTD) and the provider ExLibris, the UAS BFI Vienna library phased out the library system ALEPH and implemented the new system "ALMA" between October 2019 and September 2020. This project was part of a process that has been going on for years at numerous UASs, universities and other higher education institutions.

In contrast to ALEPH, which was mainly developed for the management of print media, ALMA is a cloud-supported service platform that manages printed, electronic and digital materials in a single interface.

One week after ALMA went live on September 1, the new user interface of our library search engine PRIMO went live as well. The new interface makes research, requesting of borrowed media and the management of your own user profile much easier. The login via Shibboleth-Authentication now works with UAS user credentials.

The greatly expanded stock of databases, e-books and e-journals can now be searched centrally in PRIMO. The display on mobile devices has also been optimised.

Nov 19, 2020


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