Traineeships abroad

Application deadlines Erasmus+ traineeships

  • at least 1.5 months before your traineeship begins
  • for graduate traineeships it is a prerequisite that you apply while still being an active student at the UAS BFI Vienna.
  • International Traineeships: 31st of May

As a student at the UAS BFI Vienna, you can do a traineeship abroad. A particularly good way of doing this is the Erasmus+ traineeship, which means you will receive an Erasmus+ grant. You can do an Erasmus+ traineeship during your studies at the UAS BFI Vienna, but also afterwards. Application is possible on an ongoing basis but needs to be finished at least 1.5 months before your traineeships begins and as long as you are actively enrolled at the UAS BFI Vienna.

Traineeship opportunities

  • Erasmus+ Traineeship Europe
  • Erasmus+ Traineeship International
  • Erasmus+ Graduate Traineeship (as a recent graduate, your traineeship must occur within one year of your graduation and you must apply while still being enrolled)

Students have to organise their traineeships autonomously. The degree programmes need to approve the academic relevance of the traineeship before the application can start.

Preconditions & criteria

  • an appropriate traineeship position (relevant for your studies)
  • approval by the traineeship coordinator of your degree programme
  • for graduate traineeships: application while you are still a student at the UAS BFI Vienna
  • the duration of the traineeships needs to be at least 2 two months
  • timely and complete submission of documents (1.5 months before the start of your traineeship)
  • the maximum length of an Erasmus+ traineeship is 12 months but can be reduced depending on the length of previous Erasmus+ stays.

Financial Support Traineeships

  • The main advantage of an Erasmus+ traineeship, which can be both a compulsory or voluntary traineeship, is that you receive the Erasmus+ financial support in addition to whatever you receive as salary. The amount of the grant for a traineeship in the Erasmus+ programme countries depends on the living costs in the host country.

Three stages of Erasmus+ Traineeship International

I. Application and Preparation

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II. Stay abroad

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III. Re-entry phase

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Information about the processing of your personal data can be found here.


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