Application and Preparation

Application Erasmus+ traineeship: 5 easy steps

  1. Find a traineeship position and check if it fulfils all necessary criteria
  2. Contact your degree programme and get approval by traineeship coordinator of your degree programme.
  3. Apply via the application portal: Mobility Online.
  4. Draw up your learning agreement in Mobility Online.
  5. Submit the learning agreement and the application form to the Outgoing Mobility Coordinator at least 1.5 months before traineeship begins.

Traineeship agreement

  • You have to draw up a traineeship learning agreement before you start your traineeship. This is the most important document for you, because it ensures that your traineeship will also be recognized. So please discuss it as early as possible with the traineeship coordinator of your degree programme. Your learning agreement must be signed by the traineeship coordinator of your degree programme and the traineeship company.

Risk management

  • Preparation is crucial for a successful stay abroad. It is extremely important that you inform yourself about your host country, not only so that you can enjoy your time abroad, but also to avoid security risks.

Green mobility

  • Are you able to take the train or bus to get back to Vienna? There is a green mobility travel grant available, contact our Outgoing Mobility Coordinator for further information and make sure to keep your receipts.


Claus Inanger

Erasmus+ Coordinator, Outgoing Student Mobility Coordinator, Agreements Coordinator, ECTS Coordinator

+43 1 720 12 86-222