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ECTS Credits
1 results
  • ECTS Credits 1.00 ECTS Credits
    Language German Language
    Curriculum FT Curriculum
    Semester 6 SS Semester
    icoming yes icoming yes

Legend: FT = Full Time, PT = Part Time, SS = Summer Semester, WS = Winter Semester

The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) ensures that students' academic achievements at universities in the European Higher Education Area can be compared and accredited. The system is supposed to create more transparency, eliminate barriers to mobility, and build a bridge between universities.

At the FH bfi Vienna the ECTS implementation is exemplary. Since 2003 every student has automatically received a free Diploma Supplement in English and German on graduation day. Both ECTS Label and Diploma Supplement Label, awarded by the European Commission, are a sign of fair academic recognition and of improved international transparency.

Below you can find ECTS-information on all classes offered at the FH.