Evaluate – analyse – introduce measures

We continuously evaluate our operations and services in order to achieve improvements in quality at the university, analysing the outcomes and then devising suitable measures. Regular surveys of our students and graduates to involve them in this process are crucial. In this way, our students and graduates have a decisive influence on quality standards at their university.

  • Students’ course evaluations provide our lecturers, degree programme directors and quality management team with direct feedback on the quality of courses.
  • Our annual environment evaluation provides us with information on students’ perceptions of their degree programmes in general, as well as the additional services and courses available to them at the university.
  • Students complete a final evaluation of their programme and the study environment at the end of their degree.
  • External surveys such as the Universum Student Survey serve as a benchmark against other universities and give us feedback on students’ expectations in relation to employers and the job market.
  • Surveying our graduates allows us to identify career paths. Graduates evaluate their degree programmes from a workplace perspective, which in turn enables us to regularly compare the knowledge and skills they acquired on their courses with actual job market requirements.

The outcomes of our surveys, including statistical analyses, are used to implement direct measures, and also promote the long-term development of our degree programmes and Executive Education courses.