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Jean Monnet Lehrstuhl „Diversity and Social Cohesion in the European Union”

Der Lehrstuhl fördert Lehre und Forschung zur europäischen Integration aus einer Diversitätsperspektive zum sozialen Zusammenhalt in den Mitgliedstaaten der EU als Hauptziel und stärkt damit weiter Geschlecht und Vielfalt als Forschungs- und Lehrschwerpunkte über die Disziplinen Politikwissenschaft und Wirtschaft an der FH des BFI Wien.

Information on the processing of personal data in accordance with the GDPR

The “Lectures 4 Future” will be held by the UAS BFI Vienna online via zoom.us.

1. Data controller

The UAS BFI Vienna, Wohlmutstrasse 22, 1020 Vienna, datenschutz@fh-vie.ac.at, processes as a controller the personal data which you provided in the course of your registration for the “Lectures 4 Future” or which is collected from you in this course.

2. Purpose of data processing

Processing the data which you provide or which the UAS BFI Vienna collects from you takes place for the purpose of registration for as well as for the performance of a “Lecture 4 Future” at the UAS. Lectures are filmed and made available as a live stream to students and interested people via zoom.us.

3. Legal basis of data processing

The legal basis are largely the legitimate interests of the UAS (Art. 6/1/f GDPR), which can be seen in the fulfillment of the educational mandate and the enactment of the qualification by using contemporary media.

4. Data recipients

Your personal data that you yourself provided when registering will be processed and stored by employees of the UAS BFI Vienna and disclosed to Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (data transfer to third countries: USA: zoom.us/privacy).

4. Retention period

The UAS BFI Vienna will only process the data you provided for as long as it is necessary to achieve the purposes stated in item 2 and as required by applicable law. The lectures are not stored by the UAS BFI Vienna, nor are students or course participants allowed to store the live streams.

5. Your rights as a person concerned

You have the right of rectification, right of access, erasure, restriction of processing, the right to object and the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority, under the conditions specified in the corresponding provisions.

The details on data processing at UAS BFI Vienna can be found on https://www.fh-vie.ac.at/en/pages/data-protection