Trial lectures

Is studying something for me at all? Would I really like my desired degree programme?

In order to give you an impression of the topics that await you in your studies, you can take a look at the following courses online or physically and do a reality check.

Trial lectures in the summer term 2021

Unfortunately, all our trial courses for this semester are already over. From October onwards, there will be new trial courses again.

However, you can still contact our Ambassador Buddies and ask them all your questions about studying at our UAS.

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Work Design and HR Management

Banking and Finance (german)

Banking and Finance

European Economy and Business Management (german)

Logistics and Transport management

Project Management and IT

Technical Distribution Management

Mini Lectures

Einführung zur Lehrveranstaltung Grundlagen der technischen Physik

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Kategorisierung von Maschinen und Geräten

Das Video beschreibt die übliche Kategorisierung von Maschinen und Geräten im Bereich des allgemeinen Maschinenbaus.

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