Modul CREACT: Cross-cultural reflection & action

"Cross-Cultural Reflection & Action" (CREACT) was created as a response to strategic objectives in the field of internationalisation at the UAS BFI Vienna and responds directly to needs for the development of international and intercultural competencies of students and their preparation for a diverse and global living and working environment.

The three parts of CREACT (Preparation Workshop, Virtual Learning, Reflection Workshop) are aimed at outgoing students to prepare, accompany and follow-up their experience abroad with specific learning objectives.

The objectives of CREACT are

  • to promote high-quality internationalisation
  • to support the degree programmes of the UAS BFI Vienna by offering a module across different degree programmes that contributes to the exchange of ideas through innovative teaching methods
  • to accompany semesters abroad
  • to enable outgoing students to acquire an additional reference for the labour market
  • and to network students from different backgrounds (local, international, various disciplines) through experiential learning.

By locating CREACT in the "International Programme", which is organised by the International Office of the UAS BFI Vienna, and by dovetailing it with the course "Intercultural Management", incoming students are integrated into the preparation and reflection workshops. The exchange of experiences between students who have already gained experience abroad and those who are about to do so contributes significantly to their competence development.

Intended learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the CREACT module, students will be able to:

  • become aware of their personal behaviours and ways of thinking in their own and in foreign cultural contexts.
  • become aware of the behaviours and underlying values of other individuals or groups in different cultural contexts.
  • reflect and regulate their thoughts and emotions associated with cultural differences and experiencing diversity in a non-judgemental way.
  • bridge cultural differences by adopting the perspective of others, responding flexibly, and communicating and acting appropriately and effectively.

Overview of the three phases of CREACT

CREACT Preparation

before the semester abroad for outgoing students and at the end of the semester abroad for incoming students

CREACT Virtual Learning

- CREACT Virtual Learning (during the semester abroad and virtually, outgoing students)

- Course "Intercultural Management" (during the semester abroad in Vienna for incoming students)

CREACT Reflection

after the semester abroad for outgoing students and at the beginning of the semester abroad for incoming students


Anne Schitter