MBA Digital Marketing and Data Management

The MBA Digital Marketing & Data Management optimally prepares you for the current challenges of corporate communication. The postgraduate MBA focuses on practice-oriented digital communication and builds an intensive understanding of digital transformation and comprehensive data management. It shows what role marketing plays in the process of digital transformation and ensures that you expand your management know-how.

The focus modules concentrate on the tools of online marketing. Using hands-on tasks, you will create websites, design search ads, write blogs and publish postings on the most popular social media portals as part of the MBA Digital Marketing & Data Management. The Master's course thus refines not only your strategic thinking but also your operational marketing skills.

The MBA Digital Marketing & Data Management is aimed on the one hand at entrepreneurs and managers who are primarily responsible for the planning and conception of the communication strategy and on the other hand at all those who are responsible for the operational implementation of this strategy. The programme is based on nine modules, each of which consists of several courses. The modules first teach the basics of business administration, before the role and instruments of modern marketing are dealt with in detail.

You can find more information about the programme on the page of our cooperation partner ELG (german only).