Russisch 1

Exemplary for A1 Russian
Communicative focus
Welcoming in formal / informal situations; getting to know each other; apologising; thanking; questions about a person and answering them; starting telephone conversations; ordering in a café / restaurant; job and workplace; naming different companies; at the hotel reception; orientation and conversations at the airport; holiday destinations; leisure activities; family business.
Language focus
Alphabet; personal pronouns; grammatical gender; numerals 1-1000; e-conjugation verbs; nouns in prepositive; plural of nouns; possessive pronouns in singular and plural.; adjective and demonstrative pronouns in singular and plural.; verbs of the и conjugation; verb "быть" in the preterite; adjectives and nouns inanimate in the accusative; nouns in genitive singular; modal words "можно" / "нельзя"

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Empfohlene Fachliteratur

Exemplary for A1 Russian

  • T. Blum, E. Gorelova. Weg zum Erfolg, A1/A2. Kurs- and Arbeitsbuch, facultas Verlag, 2020. / T. Blum, E. Gorelova. The Road to Success, A1/A2. Course book and workbook, facultas Verlag, 2017 (Units 1-6).
  • T. Blum, V. Weissenhofer, A. Wolfauer. Practical course (UE). Fit for Russian A1. Open educational resources, MOODLE, 2020.

Lern- und Lehrmethode

Individual work, group work; blended learning (Open Educational Resources on Moodle, online-exercises, online-quizzes, etc.); creation of videos.


Participation & performance 10%, oral assessment 40% (oral production and interaction 20 points, listening comprehension and regional studies 20 points), written part 50% (reading comprehension 10 points, written production and interaction 20 points, grammar and vocabulary 20 points). For more details cf. curriculum matrix of elective languages.

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Europäische Wirtschaft und Unternehmensführung (Bachelor)

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Lernergebnisse der Lehrveranstaltung

Exemplary for level A1 Russian
After successful completion of the course, students can:

  • understand questions and instructions on familiar topics with simple linguistic structures;
  • use simple, mostly isolated expressions about people, places and workplaces;
  • understand the culture of the respective country/countries in order to successfully apply the principles in business situations

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