New World of Work (in English)

  • Application of the 4-step framework of Redesigning Work by Lynda Gratton in a group task:
    • Understand
    • Reimagine
    • Model & test
    • Act & create
  • Introduction and application of social collaboration tools like Miro or a Kanban board as well as agile team and project management tools like a retrospective or persona exercise.
  • Field visit of a new office and/or work concept incorporating principles of the new world of work.

Art der Vermittlung


Art der Veranstaltung


Empfohlene Fachliteratur

Recommended literature:

  • Gratton, L. (2022): Redesigning Work: How to transform your organization & make hybrid work for everyone. Penguin Random House.
  • Dignan, A. (2019): Brave New Work: Are you ready to reinvent your organization? Penguin Random House.
  • Laloux, F. (2014): Reinventing Organizations: Ein Leitfaden zur Gestaltung sinnstiftender Formen der Zusammenarbeit. Vahlen.

Lern- und Lehrmethode

Integrated course: in total, 30% continuous participation assessment (e.g. forms of individual and/or group reflection about working in small groups on a group task), 40% written concept for the group task, 30% final presentation of the group task including a peer review.


  • Individual reflections
  • Written concept (group work)
  • Presentation of the group work

Voraussetzungen laut Lehrplan




Arbeitsgestaltung und HR Management (Bachelor)

Akademischer Grad


ECTS Credits






Studienjahr, in dem die Lerneinheit angeboten wird


Semester in dem die Lehrveranstaltung angeboten wird

6 SS



Lernergebnisse der Lehrveranstaltung

  • The students will be able to create a concept for an organization which radically transforms its way of working.
  • They can critically review traditional concepts of work design and human resources management that have been applied in organizations for decades and taught in previous semesters.
  • Based on a deep understanding of the individual challenges an organization might face, they can deduct improvement ideas for a new way of working and collaboration.
  • The students will especially be able to suggest new ideas with regards to place, time, leadership, and self-organization to optimize an organization’s flexibility.
  • The students will be able to make use of social collaboration as well as agile project management tools in their work routine.
  • Additionally, the students can reflect on their own capabilities of life-long learning and stimulate their growth mindset.

Kennzahl der Lehrveranstaltung