Who can use the library and borrow items?

  • Items can only be borrowed by members of UAS BFI Vienna. External users are generally permitted to use items on-site by prior arrangement with a member of the library team.
  • Students, alumni, full- and part-time lecturers and administrative staff are all regarded as members of the university for library purposes.

Borrowing and returning

  • You can borrow items by taking them to a member of staff in the library office during opening hours. Students require a student ID card and non-students will be asked for photo ID.
  • You can have a maximum of eight items out on loan at once. The loan period is usually three weeks.
  • At Wohlmutstrasse, you can return items by placing them in the returns box in the reading room or taking them to the library office. There is also a returns box in the study and common room at MQM.


  • Items can be renewed online, or by e-mail or telephone, provided that they have not been requested by another user.
  • Instructions for renewing items online are available under Library in Moodle.


  • If an item is out on loan, you can request it online. You will be informed by e-mail (sent to your UAS BFI Vienna address) as soon as the item is returned to the library office.
  • If an item is not available for any other reason (e.g. indexing, cataloguing), it is not possible to reserve it.
  • Instructions for requesting items online are available under Library in Moodle.


  • Borrowed items must be returned on time. If you do not think you will be able to return an item within the loan period, please make sure you renew it in good time.
  • You will be sent a reminder e-mail to your UAS BFI Vienna address three days before the end of the load period. Once an item is overdue, the first overdue notice will be issued one day after the end of the loan period. After four days we will start charging a fine of EUR 0.20 per item/day, payable from the first overdue day.
  • If the library user still has outstanding fines or unreturned items (or has not paid the cost of replacing the items) following a second overdue notice, the respective programme coordinator will be notified. The user will not be able to borrow items until the matter is resolved.