Developing Shooting Schedules

This course analyzes the criteria of promising plot and project development as well as the pre-production stage. An additional focus of the course is the conversion of screenplays with all their chronological and dramaturgical principles into a logistic schedule (shooting schedule) and an introduction to the use of (IT) technical tools (bar chart, scheduling software).

Mode of delivery

face to face



Recommended or required reading and other learning resources/tools

Clevé, B.(2009); Von der Idee zum Film. Produktionsmanagement für Film und Fernsehen. UVK, Konstanz. Schmidt-Matthiesen, C.; Clevé B.(2010); Produktionsmanagement für Film und Fernsehen, UVK, Konstanz. Wendling E. (2008), Filmproduktion. Eine Einführung in die Produktionsleitung, UVK, Konstanz. Schütte, O. (2009), Die Kunst des Drehbuchlesens, UVK, Konstanz. Eick, D. (2005). Exposé, Treatment und Konzept, UVK, Konstanz. Hachmeister L. , Anschlag. D., (Hg), (2003), Die Fernsehproduzenten. Rolle und Selbstverständnis, UVK, Konstanz. Keil, K. (Hg.) (1998), Kalkulation (I), Vom Drehbuch zum Drehplan, TRVerlagsunion), München. Fachzeitschriften: Cinema, filmecho/filmwoche, Blickpunkt: Film, Digital Video, epd Film, Wie wird man was beim Film Martin Rohrbeck Henschel Verlag 2008

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

Applied methods including macro and micro levels of teaching. Macro methods are case studies and analyses. Micro methods are keynote lectures, examples and discussions. Students work in the plenum (two groups).

Assessment methods and criteria

One grade for both lecture and tutorial part of class. In total 70 points for final written exam. The tutorial part is worth 30 points (continuous assessment). In total 100 points are to be obtained.

Prerequisites and co-requisites



Degree programme

Film-, TV-, & Media Production (Bachelor)



ECTS Credits


Language of instruction




Academic year



2 SS



Learning outcome

After the successful completion of this course the students will be able to supervise the technical/economic development of projects and to implement the creative basis (screenplay) in shooting schedules and production processes. They will be familiar with the developmental stages of plot and project as well as the basic principles for the logistic planning of film projects as fundamentals of expense budgeting.

Course code