Adaptation of the Legal Framework in the Employment Relationship

• Contractual adaptation of the employment contract to altered economic, legal policy-related, organisational, technical, professional, social, familial and personal framework conditions with the focus on absenteeism • Breaks and flexibility to establish and maintain a work-life balance, training and further education, rehabilitation or transition to old-age pension • Holiday, sick leave, dependant care leave, parental leave, other forms of leave • Increased job requirements, reduction of time credit, suspension and re-employment, vocational reintegration, rehabilitation • Sabbatical, educational leave • Partial retirement, work impediment, short-time work

Mode of delivery

face to face



Recommended or required reading and other learning resources/tools

Brandl/Wesener, Arbeitsrecht für Lohnverrechner, dbv, aktuelle Auflage; Brodil (Hrsg.), Civiles im Arbeitsrecht, Manz, Wien 2012; Jabornegg/Resch/Stoffels, Vertragsgestaltung im Arbeitsrecht, Manz, Wien 2007; Bydlinski, Die Übertragung von Gestaltungsrechten, Manz, Wien 1986; Hörzer/Lehrer, Urlaub, Krankenstand und andere Dienstverhinderungsgründe, dbv, aktuelle Auflage. Magerl/Thamm, Muster für den arbeitsrechtlichen Schriftverkehr, Manz, Wien 2015; Steinlechner/Maska/Gleißner, Arbeitsrechtliche Maßnahmen in Krisenzeiten, Manz, Wien 2009;

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

Lecture, group work, presentations, discussions, case studies, juridical research, juridical writing

Assessment methods and criteria

Continuous assessment and final written exam

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Fundamentals of Applied Labour Law


Degree programme

Digital HR & angewandtes Arbeitsrecht



ECTS Credits


Language of instruction




Academic year



2 SS



Learning outcome

After successful completion of the course, the students can • suitably exercise contractual right of modification and revocation proviso • identify the need for transfers or dismissals with the option of altered conditions of employment and execute them in conformity with the law • design special agreements regarding absenteeism, breaks or reduced and increased working hours in the employment contract by using samples

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