Trojan Award - Award for Best Trojan Marketing

With the "Trojan Award", the FH bfi Vienna honours the best Trojan Marketing activity of the year.

The following groups are invited to submit their applications for the award:

  • Enterprises which have organised and implemented a Trojan Marketing activity successfully in the last year.
  • People who have observed a particularly impressive Trojan Marketing activity and want to give it the credits due.
  • Students who have analysed and dealt with Trojan Marketing activities in their studies.

A jury will select the best Trojan Marketing activity among the submissions. The  prize money of € 2.000,- will be donated to the St. Anna Kinderkrebsforschung (Children's Cancer Research Institute). This way, the FH bfi Vienna wishes to stress its social responsibility towards society and disadvantaged people. The Children's Cancer Research Institute St.Anna is very glad about the sustainable character of the award as it needs donations to continue its mission to help children with cancer lead better lives. Trojan Marketing also aims at sustainable if indirect impact.

Trojan Marketing has been  launched by Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Roman Anlanger, programme director for Technical Sales and Distribution Management at the FH bfi Vienna and Dipl. Vw. Mag. Wolfgang Engel, corporate consultant and lecturer at the FH bfi Vienna. Informal submissions by mail to In the submission paper, the proposal submitted must be explained. Further documents (e.g. images, document scans) must be attached to the e-mail. If it is an enterprise or a department that has submitted the proposal, a person  responsible for it must be named as a contact.

The award ceremony and the handover of the prize money take place in December. The deadline for submissions is 15 November.

Legal note:
No recourse to litigation. The winners who have been awarded the prize will be presented to the media in a press release. With the submission, the FH bfi Vienna is given permission to use names, photos and all other footage concerning the winners of the Trojan Marketing and the award ceremony at its discretion. The FH bfi Vienna especially intends the media to have the names, photos and all other footage of the winners and the  award ceremony for further use. When applying for the Trojan Marketing Award, the applicants consent to this explicitly and also to not expecting any remuneration.

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