Employer Branding, Selection and Recruitment

i) How to set up an Employer Branding concept aligned to the company strategy; ii) how to set the right recruitment strategy and assess social Media in the Hiring Process; iii) how to distinguish between simulations and make use of them where appropriate; iv) how to improve the entire candidate experience and position new hires inside organizations; v) how to set the right metrics in the selection and recruitment process

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Empfohlene Fachliteratur

Employee Recruitment, Selection, and Assessment. Contemporary issues for theory and practice (edited by I. Nikolaou, J. Oostrom): Work Analysis for Personnel Selection; The Oxford Handbook of Personnel Assessment and Selection (M.T. Brannick, A. Cadle, E. Levine): Organizational Strategy and Staffing, -Simulations; Employer Brand Management. Practical Lessons from the World´s Leading Employers (R. Mosley): Reputation and Attraction, Employer Brand Metrics Armstrong, Michael (2003): A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice./ London & Sterling Further Details to be specified in class

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Lector Instructions, lectures, plenary and group discussions, reading assignments


Lecture: Your evaluation is based on the final written exam.

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no prerequisites: first semester



Strategic HR Management in Europe (Master)

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i) Students shall be able to develop a strategic approach to employer branding across the full employee lifecycle; (ii) Students shall be able to translate business needs into recruitment needs and distinguish between recruitment tools with a special focus on social media; iii) Students shall be able to optimize the selection process and apply simulations where appropriate; iv) students shall be able to optimize the onboarding process for smooth integration; v) Students shall be able to monitor the hiring process by using appropriate key metrics and their determinants

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