Quality assurance in tertiary education has been intensively discussed at European level for at least a decade now. Recently, the tertiary education in Austria has undergone a significant change due to a complete re-organization of the external quality assurance. For the universities and the universities of applied sciences this means that their quality management system will be subject to certification by an audit according to agreed test areas.

The FH BFI Vienna is looking forward to the audit. In 2011 we successfully concluded our “institutional evaluation“. Among other things the “high level in the different core areas” of our FH was highlighted by the consultants. The summary of the consultants’ report can be found in the download box.

During the last couple of years we have been working on the development of our existing quality management system. The aim was an organization-wide, integrated and effective QM-system based on the "European standards and Guidelines" of the ENQA that would consider the strategic goals of the FH.

This project aimed at the re-organization of our QM-System is co-financed by a municipal department (Wiener Magistratsabteilung 23) under the sponsorship programme of the City of Vienna (Wr. Fachhochschulförderung).

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