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At the UAS BFI Vienna you have the choice between 14 economic degree programmes. In addition to the full-time Bachelor's programmes, these also include part-time Bachelor's and Master's programmes. Two thirds of our students currently take advantage of the opportunity to study part-time.

Internationalisation is firmly anchored in every degree programme at the FH of the BFI Vienna. In addition, we offer you one Bachelor's programme and three Master's programmes entirely in English as well as five Double Degree Programmes and doctoral cooperation programmes.

Find out more about the admission requirements and requirements for your desired degree programme and the possibilities for studying without a Matura. If you lack ECTS points for your Master's programme, take part in our bridge courses.

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Advantages of studying at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna

  • Praxisorientiert – mit enger Verbindung zu Unternehmen und Institutionen
  • Innovativ – mit ausgezeichneter wissenschaftlicher Kompetenz
  • Berufsermöglichend – mit angepassten Studienzeiten
  • Zukunftsorientiert – mit Studienprogrammen am Puls der Zeit
  • Familiär – kleine Gruppen mit engagierten Lehrenden
  • Standort – Mitten im Herzen von Wien, der lebenswertesten Stadt der Welt
  • International – mit weltweitem Netzwerk
Studieren in Wien

Studying in Vienna is unique. Studying at the UAS BFI Vienna means being right in the heart of one of the most livable cities in the world, at the centre of an inspiring environment. Starting with the world-famous museums, the opera, the diverse, equally traditional and innovative theatres, leisure activities such as water sports and a pulsating nightlife.

As the seat of international institutions, business enterprises and banks, Vienna is also an important business location.

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Do you want a degree in economics that combines practice and science? A future-oriented education for tomorrow's job market? Do you want to make a career in (inter)-national companies or start your own business? Internationality and regional roots are important to you?

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Innovative teaching methods, further development of curricula

In order to offer its students the best possible education, the UAS BFI Vienna continuously develops its curricula further. Regular evaluations and stakeholder dialogues are an important basis for this. The UAS asks its students about their teaching and the performance of its lecturers and consistently develops its teaching further on the basis of feedback. Regular focus groups with representatives from companies, institutions, students and colleges draw the line into the curricula and thus ensure further development of the teaching content with regard to existing and future occupational fields.