Online info sessions: Master special

Bachelor – and now?

You're completely focused on your bachelor programme right now. The thesis has to be finished, the last modules have to be completed and, quite incidentally, the next step has to be planned. What happens after the bachelor programme? When do I apply for the master programme? Will I be able to fit it all in alongside my work? And is the master really what I have in mind for my future?
Questions upon questions - we'll clear them up for you! Dial-in now to our online info sessions "master special" and find out about the next steps and your prospects.

And this is how it works:

Use the link below to register for your desired online info session and find out about your desired master programme easily and simply from home. You can pre-register here and we will remind you of your appointment in good time by e-mail.

Degree programmes and dates:

DHIRA Studiengangs-Bild

Digital HR Management and Applied Labour Law (german)

IBF Studiengangs-Bild

International Banking and Finance

ARIMA Studiengangs-Bild

Quantitative Asset and Risk Management
  • Full-time: Thu, 15 April; 9:30-10am
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  • Meeting-ID: 896 7342 9204
  • Career-parallel: Wed, 21 April; 6-7pm
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PORG Studiengangs-Bild

Projektmanagement and Organisation (german)
  • Tue, 20 April; 5:30-6:30pm
  • Meeting-ID: 832 0316 5472/ Code: 86c9Hi
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LOGT Studiengangs-Bild

Logistics and Transportmanagement (german)

EWUM Studiengangs-Bild

European Economy and Business Management (german)
  • Thu, 29 April; 6-7pm
  • Meeting ID: 821 6062 2794
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