Finance / Accountancy - Str@tvision Plus

Title: Finance / Accountancy / Str@tvision Plus

Date: 08 February - 03 March 2021

Info: The Virtual Finance & Accounting Project is designed to get students acquainted with start-up management through the updated version of the virtual Str @ tvision business game©.

Students participate in the business game Str@tvision Plus. The students are split up into different start-ups (groups). A set of 4 groups competes with each other and forms a market. Each enterprise has to define its objectives and make decisions to reach those objectives during several fiscal years These decisions are on a financial, accounting as well as on a commercial level. Next to the game there are tasks specifically related to accountancy topics and related to the business game.

Students and lecturers can find more information and details and the brochure .

Place: virtual, hosted by the University College Leuven-Limburg

Fee: no registration fee