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MSc Work and Organisational Psychology and HR Management

MSc Work and Organisational Psychology and HR Management

This three-semester master programme combines the development of interdisciplinary skills by means of innovative HR management methods with courses on selected occupational and organisational psychology tools and related management, business administration and legal methods. This generates unique, interdisciplinary approaches for successful companies and their employees.

Graduates are in a position to support business processes, as well as strategy development and implementation processes, ensuring that they focus on people as well as the organisation itself.

The programme’s USP is interdisciplinary teaching of occupational, organisational and business psychology methods, HR management tools and business administration expertise.

Programme Contents

Occupational and organisational psychology

  • Work and organisational psychology
  • Social and business psychology

Organisational and HR development process

  • HR development processes
  • Organisational culture, leadership and motivation

Schwerpunktthemen Wirtschaft und Recht

  • Economic and business trends
  • Grundbegriffe des individuellen Arbeitsrechts

Methoden und Reflexion

  • Research methods and statistics
  • Selbsterfahrung und Reflexion

Occupational and organisational psychology (AAP)

  • Application-oriented theories, techniques and methods
  • ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz-Evaluation

Strategic organisational and HR development

  • Organisationsdiagnose und -intervention
  • People in business contexts
  • Unternehmensführung und Planungsprozesse
  • Strategic and operational management
  • Project management

Interdisziplinäre Verknüpfung und Reflexion

  • Integrative Fallstudie, Selbsterfahrung und Reflexion
  • Modern organisational consulting methods

Interdisziplinäre Praxis

  • Change management and performance management
  • Business development – internal and external

Academic research and writing

  • Master thesis

The programme at a glance


Master of Science (MSc) in Work and Organisational Psychology and HR Management




EUR 3,350 per semester (VAT-exempt), can be paid in instalments on request. Financial support is available for applicants whose primary residence is in Vienna.

Language of instruction


Start date

March 2020


Three semesters, 460 teaching sessions

Study places

Part-time, 20 / year

Contact hours

Friday afternoons/Saturdays (daytime) every other week, one block week (Mon-Sat, daytime) per semester

Target groups

  • Graduates with related degrees who look to complete interdisciplinary, practice-based training in order to enhance their qualifications
  • Employees and prospective managers preparing to assume managerial posts in organisational and HR development, or a position as an HR business partner
  • Freelance psychologists and corporate consultants
  • Managers, decision-makers and entrepreneurs from various sectors who are looking to take on managerial responsibility

Admission requirements

Recognised degree or several years of equivalent professional experience, good German language proficiency, written application, interview

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