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Your MBA Digital Transformation at the UAS FBI Vienna consists of nine modules with three courses each. We start out with fundamentals in business administration before we take a closer look at the effects of the advancing digitalization.

With us, you will learn to capture digital change methodically and to picture it as a strategic entrepreneurial opportunity. This approach determines the choice of our teaching content. For example, we examine how organisations structurally change through digitalization and which technologies are applied in the medium term. We explain in detail why the functional logic of existing markets is transformed due to digitalization and how companies and organisations can react appropriately. In every step we always attach particular importance to a practical approach.

Teaching contents:

Digital Business

  • Digital Business
  • Digital Technology Management
  • Digitization in Retail and Production

Leadership and Transformation

  • Leadership and management tools
  • Business Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership in the Digital Age

Scientific Work

  • Academic Work I: Qualitative Research
  • Academic Work II: Statistics

Strategic and Change Management

  • Strategic Management
  • Change Management
  • Agil-stable Organizations

Knowledge and Innovation Management

  • Knowledge Management
  • Epistemology and Digitisation of Knowledge Management
  • Innovation Management

Digital Ethics

  • Compliance
  • Information Ethics

Modul 7: Digitale Ethik

  • Compliance
  • Informationsethik

Marketing & Digital Marketing

  • Marketing as an operational function
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Digital Marketing

Data-based business processes

  • Data Science
  • Process digitization
  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Human Resource Management (basket of options 1)

  • Human Resource Management
  • New world of work

Mobility Management (basket of options 2)

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Mobility 2.0

Short Facts


Master of Business Administration (MBA)



Study Model

MBA Master, part-time, distance learning


18 months (flexible duration without additional costs)




All exams online (without appointment)

Tuition Fees

€ 8.900,- Financial aid for applicants with primary residence in Vienna


University degree (at least Bachelor or equal)

General matriculation standard + at least 5 years professional practise

Alena Kubicek, BSc


+43 1 720 12 86-229

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