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Professional human resources management is fundamental to the success of companies and organisations. Know-how and skills in this field are in high demand. Take the opportunity to start a science-based and at the same time practice-oriented training. Up to now you hardly find any offered courses with an academic format in Austria. Against this background, our course makes an essential contribution to the training and further education of HR managers in general. Essential components of your training are the introduction to labour law, human resources management, specific HR management and career management. You can also focus on the current topics of sustainability and diversity. As an upgrade, we offer you the 1-semester course MSc HR Management.


Austrian Labour Law

  • Contract of Employment
  • Obligations arising from the Employment Relationship
  • Remuneration without Work
  • Employer and Employee Liability
  • Collective Agreement

Personnel Allocation

  • Compulsory Insurance
  • Registration/Deregistration with Health Insurance Companies
  • Tax advantages
  • Termination of Employment

Human resources

  • Personnel Files
  • Personnel Administration
  • Recruitment

Specification of HR Management

  • Recruiting
  • Personnel/Education Controlling
  • Personnel and Organisational Development
  • Diversity Management
  • Remuneration Systems

Personality Development

  • Self-experience
  • Coaching for executives
  • Communication and empowerment
  • Negotiations
  • Career management

Academic thesis

  • Master thesis

Short Facts


Award of the academic designation "Academic HR Manager" on the basis of the requirements of the FHStG idgF




€ 2,600,- per semester (VAT-free), instalment payments are possible on request.

Financial aid for applicants with primary residence Vienna

Course language



2 semesters, 350 teaching units


October 2020


2 module weeks/semester (Mon-Sat, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.), module weekend in 14-day intervals (Fri 2 p.m. to 8 p.m., Sat 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.); blended learning units

Target groups

  • Decision-makers and managers who already work in HR management
  • Employees with HR management duties
  • People who are interested in moving into HR management


  • Recognised academic degree or consistent multi-year professional experience
  • Good knowledge of German
  • Written application
  • Interview
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At the Executive Education Center your studies are ...

  • practice-oriented - with lecturers from industry and academics
  • innovative - through online and face-to-face offers
  • interdisciplinary - thanks to programmes from different fields
  • part-time - with compact study periods or online offers
  • familiar - in small, motivated groups with dedicated lecturers
  • international - connected to a worldwide network
  • affordable - thanks to deductibility and financial support