Spreadsheet analyis for accounting related topics

Balance sheet analysis and key figures analysis with MS Excel, setting up and solving business management cases with MS Excel, investment accounting, weighted average cost of capital, discounted cash flow, net present value, internal rate of return, budget planning, cost centre and cost unit accounting, normal capacity, idle costs, absorption rate, simultaneous equations, financing: annuity factor, actual interest rate, cash flow, result scenarios, analysis of cost divergence, quantity deviation, price and costs deviation, graphic preparation of results with MS Excel, charting features, special bar charting with Excel formulas, Excel content, data import, creating pivot tables, structuring, calculated fields, scenario manager, goal seek, mathematical functions, references, conditions, matrix functions, financial mathematical functions, formatting, conditional formatting, short cuts, planning and designing calculation models, reorganising and reconstructing calculation models, handling work folders with complex calculation models, designing charts and presenting data

Mode of delivery

face to face



Recommended or required reading and other learning resources/tools

Jones/Burger: Configuring SAP ERP Financials and Controlling, Sybex

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

Practice class - Illustration of software functions and applications and immediate feedback on the preparation of cases dealing with large data sets

Assessment methods and criteria

Continuous assessment

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Financial accounting, financial management, management fundamentals


Degree programme

European Economy and Business Management (English)



ECTS Credits


Language of instruction




Academic year



4 SS



Learning outcome

On successful completion of this class, students will be able to generate business calculation models. They can supply decision makers (using the well tested and widely used software Excel) with efficient and flexible solutions to demanding tasks in the areas of spread sheet analysis, financial management, production as well as cost accounting and financial controlling.

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