Spanish 2

Brief description

Exemplary A2 Spanish:
Communicative priorities:
General Spanish: job advertisements; advantages and disadvantages of different professions; skills in the profession; professional profiles;
Suggestions, approval and rejection; advice on places to go and actions to take in the future;
Telephone phrases; hotel phrases; booking travel tickets and hotels; justifying advantages and disadvantages; describing a city; evaluations and comparisons; opinions, approval and disapproval and advantages and disadvantages; tastes and desires; Past events directly related to the present; Reporting events and putting them into context.
Spanish in the work environment:
Qualities for different jobs; diary; professional telephone calls; past professional experience and the professional future; the restaurant and the menu for a company party.
Language focus
The perfect; evaluation; estar + gerund; de ... a; desde ... hasta: en + means of transport; information with reference to the future; question words; ir a + infinitive; time words; comparisons; superiority; equality; relative clauses; the indefinido; perfect/Indefinido; time words of the past.

Mode of delivery

face to face



Recommended or required reading and other learning resources/tools

Exemplary A2 Spanish

  • Martín Peris, E. and N. Sans Baulenas (2014), Gente hoy 1 (Units 7-10), Kurs- and Practical coursesbuch, Difusión/Klett Verlag.
  • Dorado Debeza, M. D. and Uclés Sánchez, F. J. (2018), Gente hoy 1 complemento de español profesional (Unit 2), Difusión/Klett Verlag.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

Individual work, group work; blended learning (Open Educational Resources on Moodle, online-exercises, online-quizzes, etc.); creation of videos.

Assessment methods and criteria

Participation & performance 30%, oral part 20% (oral production and interaction 10 points, listening comprehension 10 points), written part 50% (reading comprehension 10 points, written production and interaction 20 points, grammar and vocabulary 20 points).

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Successful completion of semester 1


Degree programme

European Economy & Business Management (Bachelor)



ECTS Credits


Language of instruction




Academic year



2 SS



Learning outcome

Exemplary A2 Spanish:
After successful completion of the course, students are can:

  • understand and produce simple information about persons/work as well as simple letters (appointments/invitations)
  • understand and produce instructions according to known language patterns (timetables/ads/brochures)
  • answer simple questions about the field of activity based on known language patterns and ask questions about it.
In addition to this, students will be able to develop their understanding of the culture of the respective countries so that it can be successfully applied in business life.

Course code