French 6 (A2+/B1, B1+/B2, B1, B2)

Reading comprehension: understanding personal letters, which dwell on feelings, events and wishes. Comprehensive and detailed understanding of various types of text where familiar topics are covered and standard language is used. Job environment: a comprehensive understanding of complex texts: reports and other descriptive texts. Reading comprehension: understanding radio and television broadcasts, when clear and standard language is used. Understanding of specific information. Job environment: understanding the contents of a work-related presentation. Writing: writing personal letters to tell a story or reporting something with a short, personal opinion. Composing simple texts about relevant subjects. Job environment: composing emails and memos: reporting the minutes of meetings, writing simple reports, writing informative letters, CVs. Oral communication: composing simple texts on topics of interest: being able to express oneself in familiar everyday situations, describing interests, expressing opinions, explaining situations. Job environment: participating in informal work situations: attending business meals, etc., availing oneself in formal situations: receiving and welcoming customers, taking tours, attending an interview. Oral language production: reporting on familiar topics in simple and coherent sentences. Expressing opinions and preferences on familiar topics. Job environment: presenting products and companies, demonstrating advantages and disadvantages, answering questions (example B1/B1+).

Mode of delivery

face to face



Recommended or required reading and other learning resources/tools

Manuskripte / Unterlagen (Lehrkörper) / FH des BFI Wien B1 / B1+ / B2

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

Practice class

Assessment methods and criteria

Continuous assessment

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Erfolgreicher Abschluss des 5. Semesters


Degree programme

European Economy & Business Management (Bachelor)



ECTS Credits


Language of instruction




Academic year



6 SS



Learning outcome

On completion of the module Elective Language 4, to which this course is a part of, the students, who at semester inception were absolute beginners, should acquire the following levels stipulated by The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR): Spanish and French B1 Russian A2+/B1 The students, who at semester inception had previous knowledge of the languages, should acquire the following levels stipulated by The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR): Spanish and French B1+/B2 Russian B1

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