Our Objectives

Our interdisciplinary approach towards teaching and research is geared to produce papers, articles and analyses on a sound scientific basis thus contributing to a more comprehensive appreciation of the Black Sea Region.

By dint of research projects in and on the Black Sea Region, conferences, publications and specialised lectures we generate new insights and a higher awareness which – in turn – immediately impart to our students through the elective module Black Sea Region. Hence, our graduates benefit from an academic specialisation which is unique in Austria.

In close cooperation with companies we develop necessary solutions for the Austrian economy to succeed in an economically dynamic Black Sea Region.


We offer a “Business Talk Black Sea Region Series” and regular symposia on topical issues in the region to an interested general public.

Advisory board “Black Sea Region”

The advisory board “Black Sea Region”, consisting of external experts, supports the networking activities of the Competence Centre and promotes information exchange with other institutions.

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