This new academic course at the FH BFI Vienna offers to both, diversity & inclusion professionals and to those who aspire to this career a practical, high-quality, contemporary and internationally oriented education.

The introduction of corporate governance codes, reporting and implementation of sustainability and diversity improvement laws (new in Austria: NaDiVeG valid from 01.01.2017 for businesses from 500 employees) need to be addressed intensively and strategically and require concrete operational measures at enterprise level. Moreover, the trend of targeted managing of human resource diversity in the workplace has been reflected all over Europe for some time. It has produced new professions like diversity & inclusion managers, compliance officers and/or inclusive leadership coaches becoming an integral part of professional HR management.  It is our objective to convey to students a professional and successful approach to diversity & inclusion, which is scientifically sound and based on European standards in the world of work.

Successful completion of the Academic Diversity & Inclusion Manager programme also entitles students to take the Diversity Driving Licence exam of the European Certification and Qualification Association ECQA® (

Barbara Waldhauser
Scientific Director
Gender Mainstreaming & Diversity Coordinator at the FH BFI Vienna

"A globalized, diversified work environment engenders a wealth of ideas and approaches fit to contribute to the benefit of the organization."

Gabriele Sauberer
Scientific Director
Member of national and international standardisation bodies

"Targeted use and appreciation of diversity in the workplace and in the business world is the secret of success and a current megatrend!"



  • Fundamentals of diversity & inclusion (D&I)
  • The psychology of diversity, resilience
  • Training, leadership and management of diverse teams
  • D&I and corporate social responsibility
  • HR management and diversity
  • Organisational analysis, D&I in business processes
  • Project management for diversity projects
  • D&I business cases
  • Ethics and human rights
  • Stakeholder communication in diversity management
  • Diversity marketing, diversity in advertising



The programme in brief:

Academic degree: "Academic Diversity & Inclusion Manager", based on provisions in FHStG
Special feature: Successful completion of the programme entitles students to take the Personal Certificate exam of ECQA®.
ECTS: 60
Costs: € 2,470,- / semester (VAT- exempt). Instalment payments are feasible on request. Possible subsidies for prospective students with a principal residence in Vienna (
Medium of instruction: German and English
Start: 8 October 2018
Duration of studies: 2 semesters, 290 teaching units
Number of study places per year: 20 part-time
Study periods: 1 block week  Mon-Sat all-day / semester, Fri afternoon / Sat all-day, 2-week intervals
Target groups: diversity & inclusion experts, HR and CSR managers, coaches, trainers, health care professionals and psychologists, executives, works council representatives and managers
Admission requirements: a recognized academic degree or equivalent qualification (college, advanced training course) and/or professional experience, good command of German and English, written application, participation in an admission interview